Scheduled For Release 2021-06-17
0000150: [General] Shortcut editing in Froala editor (zeynel)
0000172: [General] Move CRUD operations to DBContext (zeynel)
0000044: [General] Use of donut caching? (zeynel)
0000173: [General] Wrong name appears when replying to comment (zeynel)
0000158: [General] Publishing content automatically in future dates (zeynel)
0000079: [General] 404 pages should suggest similar page (zeynel)
0000142: [General] Dark mode CSS became a mess: Start from stratch? (zeynel)
0000151: [General] Embed box labels appears in foreign language (zeynel)
0000123: [General] Make "Program Information" expandable (zeynel)
0000153: [General] Store version of the site (zeynel)
0000080: [General] Things to do when upgrading to VPS hosting (zeynel)
0000183: [General] 500 error on a page (zeynel)
0000154: [General] Non-localized text found in plain text output (zeynel)
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