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0000088DefKeyGeneralpublic2021-05-09 14:24
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Summary0000088: Convert shortcut page for offline view

Converting program shortcut lists to PDF may look like it doesn't make sense, but it can be useful for using offline. I think converting to plain .txt file can be also nice (warning: this one has a unfinished method in code).

An PNG version of same output can also be created if user wanted.


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related to 0000146 new Alternative layout that utilizes entire screen 



2019-11-07 10:57

administrator   ~0000045

PDF download link may redirect to a page which;

  • Starts download directly, with a bigger, centered text indicating this,
  • One ad below this can be shown (sorry but we probably have to)


2020-03-18 09:40

administrator   ~0000082

  • People like "Cheat sheet" words, so that can be used in heading or somewhere in description.
  • If there are a lot of shortcuts, number of shortcuts to include in "cheat sheet" can be limited by user.
  • Selectively include shortcuts in cheat sheet?


2020-06-26 09:51

administrator   ~0000106

Can optionally use fixed width font:

  • What about also generating an image file (png or jpg)?


2020-11-08 20:34

administrator   ~0000110

There can be a PDF download page, for Google Search results.

Shortcuts can also be automatically selected by their "easiness" / popularity rating, weighting the interaction count.


2021-01-12 10:33

reporter   ~0000115

shortcutworld's PDF's are looking good.

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