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0000148DefKeyGeneralpublic2021-03-02 14:57
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Summary0000148: Use inheritance for comment tables

TPT (table per type) inheritance can be used in Entity Framework Model First to reduce repetive code & database fields.

Other strategies said to be not supported when generating database from designer model.

My strategy would be;

  • Creating new comment tables, do not touch existing ones at all,
  • Copy comment data to new tables,
  • Edit controlllers (and remove redundant ones) to use new tables.
  • Remove old comment tables after some time.

While at this, instead of using comment ID on #comment-25252, a page level ID can be used. such as #comment5. This would look cleaner. This probably also should be kept in database field (such as commentNumber), because when I delete comments, "4th comment in Notepad" won't make much sense.

Additional Information
  • When implemented, comment IDs will be re-created. What to do with commentIsReplyToId? I should keep comment nesting. I could programmatically import comments to new tables, assigning them a new commentIsReplyTo Id based on new Id.
  • When implemented, older hyperlinks pointing to comments will not scroll to comments anymore. No easy fix for that, but probably it won't be a big problem.
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