Scheduled For Release 2023-02-16
0000126: [General] Implement a forum or message board
0000157: [General] Idea: A desktop application
0000202: [General] Underlining text for function keys (zeynel)
0000200: [General] Allow editing of the comment for a short period (zeynel)
0000198: [General] Minimize button for Table of contents (zeynel)
0000197: [General] Show MantisBT bug tracker RSS feed on site (zeynel)
0000032: [General] In programs, sorting shortcuts from basic to expert (zeynel)
0000164: [General] Comment support for additional pages (zeynel)
0000160: [General] Use of various APIs such as Pulseway (zeynel)
0000159: [General] Merging shortcuts (zeynel)
0000186: [General] Star icon is unclear (zeynel)
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