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Summary0000115: My name appears on other's comments

This started to happen recently. Is this happening because cookies are cached?

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2020-04-15 14:19

administrator   ~0000085

Last edited: 2020-04-15 14:30

That is a serious problem caused by cached identity cookies. I could solve it in ASP.NET as described here;

BUT I don't think Ezoic's cache will care about it, it'll cache identity cookies anyway.


The solution is seperating admin section. Or else I'll have to disable output cache completely. That way, nobody will get Identity cookie in regular website because it belongs to a subdomain.

  • Admin tasks will be done in different subdomain like

  • Comment section will check if visitor is an autenticated user, in ajax and fill in a hidden field with userID. NOTE: Additional request may not be necessary, User ID can be returned in existing comment ajax.


Disabling output cache completely. The site don't have such big user system, maybe this would be necessary in future but probably not now...


2020-04-16 17:24

administrator   ~0000086

NOT2: Guest'ler birbirine cevap verdiklerinde OP yazmasın. En azından IP farklı ise yazmasın.


2020-04-16 20:17

administrator   ~0000087

Last edited: 2020-04-16 20:18

Aslında Identity Cookie önebelleğe alınmıyor, en azından local'de sorun yok. Sorunun tam kaynağını anlayamadım, Ezoic bir şeyleri cache'liyor olabilir ama test ettiğimde bir sorun yok gibi görünüyor.


2021-01-26 10:16

administrator   ~0000120

Ezoic cache'ini kapattım, ilk notta bahsedilen çözümü uyguladım. Yani outputcache kullanıcı bazlı olarak oluşuyor. Bakalım yeniden olacak mı.

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